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Sunar Group - Elita

Sunar Group exports with its own brand to more than 100 countries on 5 continents with almost half a century of experience, 800 employees, and a wide range of products. The Sunar Grup aims to be one of the EMEA’s largest agriculture-based industrial groups;  thanks to its high capacity, wide accumulation of knowledge, and experience.


Sunar Group operates with 5 different companies in the field of agriculture-based industry. As a group company; Sunar Mısır produces and sells starch and starch-based products, ELITA GIDA  produces and sells oils for retail and Horeca, Sunar Özlem produces and sells flour and feed, Sunar NP produces non-GMO TPS (Thermoplastic Starch) bio-polymer and biopolymers for global packaging industry and other sub-sectors of plastic industry and NÇS produces and sells fresh fruit. 


Sunar Mısır provides raw/semi-processed goods  like glucose and glucose-fructose varieties, Sorbitol and Maltitol, which are low-calorie natural sweeteners, natural starches, modified starches, dextrins, polyols, corn bran, corn meal, corn germ, and corn gluten for many sectors like food, textiles, and paper industries. Company has the most experienced and senior production facility in the industry, also has the biggest share of Turkey’s corn starch and glucose exports. Sunar Mısır is the only integrated facility in Turkey that harbors all stages of production from the seed to the table in its organization and that can produce corn oil from corn, package it, and put it on the market. 


ELITA GIDA  was founded in 2006 for the production and sales of high quality, healthy, traceable edible oil by processing oil seeds grown in Turkey. ELITA GIDA   offers Sunar branded Corn, Sunflower and Omega 3 oils  to market in accordance with ‘’From Seed to Table’’ food safety chain. Other than retail products, sunflower, corn, canola and other cooking oils produced with the purpose of industrial / out-of-home consumption are offered for consumers and processed food companies with various packaging. ELITA GIDA  is in the premier position of Turkey’s corn oil exports and  one of the few integrated production facilities in Turkey. Company supplies crude oil production , extraction, refining, and filling operations, and  turns oil seeds processed directly from the farmers into a final product, while procuring them directly from farmers. ELITA GIDA   has 120.000 tons vegetable oil production annually , is exporting to more than 90 countries with her own brand or private label under a wide packing range with internationally recognized quality certifications as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Gimdes Halal.

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