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Tam-Tas Packaging & Processing Machinery was established in 1971 and since then we are proud to be one of the leading packaging & processing machines manufacturer in Turkey.

In the first years of it’s foundation the machine equipment had been imported and in the year 1975 Tam-Tas has started manufacturing of it’s own brand of packaging machines. The Company carried out it’s activity in Istanbul-Mecidiyekoy between the years 1975 – 1983 and in the year 1983 the Company moved to Merter in a 8.000 m2 production area.

We have carried out our production activities in Merter between the years 1983-2013 until we have moved to our new facility at Istanbul-Ikitelli in 2014.

As from 1975 "TAM-TAS" manufactures it’s own brand and build a reputable, reliable and a special place by serving Turkey’s industry and packaging world with it’s qualified pre-sales and after sales services both in Turkey and in many countries around the World.

The full automatic vertical packaging machines, doypack machines, sachet and stick machines we produce are specially designed to work compatible with volumetric filling, auger (screw) filling, electronical weighing systems and liquid filling systems according to the product and the weight range.

Our full automatic packing machines are used to pack the granular types of Products like dried fruits, nuts, chips, biscuits and wafers, chocolates, and pulses, etc and the powder type of Products like coffee, coffee creme, cacao additives, mix flours, spices, pesticides, etc and also liquid or semi- liquid Products like ketchup, mayonnaise, chocolate cremes, liquid soaps, etc .

Doypack type packaging machines manufacturing in two different types according to their working principles as with pre-made pouches or machine transforms the packaging material in bobbin into doypack shaped packs. Doypack machines are mostly used to pack dried fruits, nuts, chips, biscuits and wafers, chocolates, chocolate coated nuts and coffees also powder and tablet detergents, liquid detergents and other kinds of chemicals.

One of our other production item is Shrink Wrapping machine which is commonly chosen to reduce packaging material costs and raising the products’ visuality in food, chemistry, stationery, cosmetics, and textile industries.

We as TAM-TAS packaging machinery are the proud distributors of HENKELMAN Vacuum Chamber Machines since 2000 in Turkey. Our Vacuum Chamber machines are used in meat Products, dairy and poultry Products, sea foods, pastries and dried fruits in order to lengthen the shelf lives and protect the freshness of the products.

Main products:

- Full Automatic F/F/S Packaging Machines - Automatic Jar filling and capping Machines - Shrink Wrapping Machines - Vacuum Packing Machines - Full Automatic Stand up Pouch (DOYPACK) Machines - Automatic Bailing Machine - Automatic Case Packer

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