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Procenne Digital Security

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Turkey's digital security R&D center Procenne produces digital security products and solutions of critical importance for many sectors from public to finance, from education to telecom. Headquartered in Istanbul, Procenne was established in 2013 and after a 5-year R&D process, it produced the ProCrypt HSM family, which meets the need for general purpose and payment systems HSM on a single platform, and received CC EAL4+ certificates in 2019 and PCI HSM v3.0 certificates in 2021.

Working to meet the ever-increasing needs with its mobile application security SDK, EndCrypt, HSM Gateway CryptAway, and cloud HSM products, Procenne is on its way to becoming a global school committed to the values of the first day with its more than 100 employees.

Main products:

1. ProCrypt HSM 2. EndCrypt 3. CryptAway 4. Cloud HSM

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