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Aler Oil Food Agriculture Incorportaion is a family owned business established in 2012 in Adana, a province well known for its fertile lands and high-quality agricultural products within the Eastern Mediterranean Region. We are proud to be a part of this unique landscape. We believe we are a representative of this beautiful and important region and we are committed to represent it as best as possible while producing each of our products. In Turkey, there are 180 million olive trees on 700.000 hectares yielding 500.000 tons of table olives and 300.000 tons of olive oil. 500.000 households are employed in the olive and olive oil production. In our region, there are 40 million olive trees and this grants us the opportunity to produce 100% of our products within the region. We produce and pack table olives and olive oil, offering a wide range of different packing formats and varieties depending on our customer’s needs. In our area, we are one of the few companies producing olive oil and table olives and managing our own olive orchard at the same time, which gives us the advantage to monitor the olives from the beginning of their growth to harvesting to processing. This is one of the main reasons why we stay competitive while offering the best value with competitive prices to our customers. Our facility is located 15 km from Adana-Kozan Highway. It is equipped with the most recent technology in the olive oil production line. In table olives, natural production is a priority in every stage of processing using our high standard production line. Our olives are stocked in food codex approved fiber stock tanks. We have been producing more than 100 packaging types with our table olives and olive oil production lines.

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