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Atabey Beton Makinaları Sanayi Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

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Atabey Construction Equipment Co. Ltd.

TABEY ENGINEERING WORLDWIDE Concrete Placing with Atabey solutions: Your “Custom-designed Solution Provider” What We Do ? Atabey is a leading concrete placing equipment manufacturer. In the field of concrete pumping and placing equipment, we offer not only conventional models with a wide product range and their many options, but also modified and/or specially developed versions of them, according to each carefully studied case. Our History Atabey was founded in 2013. Although the company seems rather young, the experience is quite older. The founders, as well as managing team were the “Concrete Placing Equipment” division of formerly active mother company, namely, “TUNA CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT”. At present, all intellectual and commercial rights of “TUNA” belongs to ATABEY. ATABEY team acted as solution provider in more than 70 countries around the world. Our Philosophy Modern communication technologies allow much easier and faster transfer of information and knowledge. If one can find an engineering solution for any jobsite in the world, it may be a typical solution for many others around the world. From this point of view, any small problem in any job site deserves to pay more attention in order to reach industrial solutions. This concept forms the basis of our business decisions, whether investing in people and equipment, forging relationships with clients and service providers, or finding solutions for challenging problems. Our Business We deliver functional, attractive and cost effective industrial solutions to construction job sites. Our major markets are; - USA - Russian Federation - United Kingdom - Caribbean Countries - South American countries - Middle east Our Services Single Source Design and Supply all in collaboration with the end user. We are proactively involved in every aspect of our projects. We first examine feasibility, then we design, refine and package, negotiate leases, source finance, and finally construct.

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Wheeled Concrete pumps with hydraulic placing boom Concrete placing booms Spider booms Wheeled spider booms

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