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Ervesa products are produced by ASPEK. Aspek is the company which adopts being a leader and a pioneer as a principle in the market. PROZAS established in 2010 for foreign trade of ASPEK. We acts as an innovative and leader spirit. The main goal in the produced products is to make a difference by presenting the products in good quality. In this respect, these produced products either cannot be produced in Turkey or cannot be found its equivalent in all over the world. Because of the main target is customer satisfaction, we works to solve the problems which could not be solved until this time.Our engineers and R&D (Research and Development Center) who are always in contact with customers in different fields, work in order to make more productive and qualified of our current products and as well as operate to satisfy customer needs effectively. Our products are mainly being used in below areas; · Bakery : Breads and rolls, cakes and pastries, biscuits, instant yeasts, cake gels · Beverages : Protein drinks, milk based drinks, chocolate drinks, soups · Confectionery : Chocolates, coatings, chewing gums · Others : Shortenings, margarines, coffee whiteners, ice-creams, processed meats

Main products:

Our Emulsifiers list as seen below; E470a (PS) E470b (MS) E471 (DGM) E472a (ACETEM) E472b (LACTEM) E472c (CITREM) E472d (TATEM) E472e (DATEM) E472f (MATEM) E475 (PGE) E476 (PGPR) E477 (PGME) E481 (SSL) E482 (CSL) E491 (SMS) E492 (STS) E493 (SML) E494 (SMO) E495 (SMP) Cake Emulsifiers

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