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We are Saadet Gida A.S  from Istanbul/Turkey. We have been in the market since 1996 and mainly focused on producing 6 main product lines: “Jelly, Gums(Chewing, Bubble, etc.), Licorice, Marshmallows Hard Candies, and Toffee.  We are very proud of the quality of our products and work with the biggest retailers in foreign markets and Turkey.

The product range is as follows:

JELLY GUMMY: We have more than 300 product molds. There are many types of packaging available; such as packaging, bowl, standing bag, etc. We can place your products on the shipper stand. Or if we do some kind of work with our R & D department you want and produce it. As a product; We have different varieties such as NAFNAC, sweetener, vegan, etc.

LICORICE: We can produce licorice in many different ways; such as belts, spaghetti, bricks, pencils. We can make licorice products bite-size or long size according to your demand. We can also produce vegan and NAFNAC.

CHEWING GUM: We are assertive about the variety of flavors and different packaging. As a product variety; gumballs, meter gum roll, fruit-shaped gum, 5 pieces with a tattoo, etc.

MARSHMALLOW: Soft marshmallows in many shapes (Cube, Twist, Cylinder, and Heart) and many colors. We can also produce vegan.

HARD CANDY and TOFFEE: We can produce filled and unfilled according to your request. We can produce vegan toffee. We have many flavors.

With our dynamic R&D Department, we always follow “New Trends” & “Innovations” to reach maximum customer satisfaction. We have many quality certificates such as BRC, ISO22000. All of our products have a “HALAL” certificate and depending on the production line, we can also offer “KOSHER” products. We also do “PRIVATE LABEL” production for a few companies from the USA and also some from other countries such as Europe, S.Africa, Korea, UAE, etc.)

Main products:

Sweets and Confectionary

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