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Tarege Trade House (Tarege Ticaret Evi) is a family company, specialized in exporting spices, herbs, oil seeds, pulses and dehydrated vegetables. We are in spices & herbs market for more than half century. Our unique experience on this market lets us offer you the exact product according to your inquries with the most competitive prices. 

Our main export products are the ones which is special to Turkey. Such as, laurel leaves (bay leaves), oregano, rosemary, thyme, red pepper (aleppo pepper), sumac, poppy seeds, licorice (liquorice). 

We also actively take part on dehydrated vegetables, pulses, oil seeds and essential oils. We can offer you competitive prices and high quality products on dehydrated artichokes, dehydrated purslanes, dehydrated tomatoes, dehydrated leeks, dehydrated cabbages, dehydrated onions, dehydrated spinachs, dehydrated carrots, dehydrated redbeets, dehydrated eggplants. 

Essential oils such as oregano oil, laurel leaves oil, sage oil and rosemary oil are also some of active export-products in our product range.

Main products:

Laurel Leaves Oregano Rosemary Thyme Dried Tomatoes Dried Vegatables Figs Dried Apricots Spices Aromatical and Medicinal Herbs Oil Seeds

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