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Baltacioglu Muhendislik manufactures alternative spare parts for buses, trucks and heavy machinery.

All our products;
have 1 (one) year warranty period and have the same performance as original.

We have large stock of each parts so that we can deliver them in a very short delivery time.

Baltacioglu Muhendislik offers the following services:

- Alternative Spare Parts for Buses and Trucks

  * Baltacioglu manufactures aftermarket spare parts buses and trucks.

Automatic Transmission Spare Parts

Alternative Spare Parts suitable for Voith Diwa Bus Transmissions
Voith Diwa.2 Transmissions
Voith Diwa.3 Transmissions
Voith Diwa.3E Transmissions
VoithDiwa.5 Transmissions
Voith Diwa.6 Transmissions

Alternative Spare Parts suitable for ZF Transmissions

ZF Ecolife Transmissions
ZF Ecomat Transmissions
ZF WG Series Transmissions
ZF HP Series Transmissions

Alternative Spare Parts suitable for Allison Transmissions

Allison 1000 - 2000 Series
Allison 3000 Series
Allison 4000 Series
Allison 5000 Series
Allison 6000 Series

Retarder Repair Kits
Air Brake Compressors and Repair Kits
Air Springs

- Alternative Spare Parts and Repair Kits for Retarders

* Baltacioglu manufactures spare parts and repair kits for retarders.

- Air Brake Compressors and Repair Kits

*  Baltacioglu is authorized dealer of Yumak Air Brake Systems and commercializes their products to its customers all around the world

- Alternative Spare parts for Heavy Machinery

* Baltacioglu manufactures aftermarket spare parts for motor graders, loaders and telescopic telehandlers.

Alternative Spare Parts for Volvo Motor Graders

Alternative Spare Parts for Champion Graders

Alternative Spare Parts for JCB Telescopic Telehandlers / JCB Loaders

- Technical support and advice

- Pre-sale and after-sale service

You can always find a large stock of each spare parts in our warehouse !

Main products:

Planetary Carriers Transmission Shafts Transmission Repair Kits Ring Gears Flanges Heat Exhangers Transmission Covers Oil Pans Vibration Dampers

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