Yeğenler Kimya Lojistik ve Dış Tic. A.Ş.

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Yegenler Chemistry was established in 1995 on the purpose of providing the
products and services that the firms, functioning in industries such as textile, coating,
printing, sole, cable, rubber, plastics and detergent are in need of in the production area.
By means of an experienced staff, our firm, which accepts quality and reliability as it’s
basic principles attaches particular importance on our customer’s satisfaction.
As being the Turkey distributor of many world wide known firms, our firm
instantly provides the chemical materials our customers are in need of through its wide
distribution means, which are founded with the service concept based upon quality and
reliability. Our aim is to excel in experience and service. Our firm, which predicates on
monitoring the innovation and following the constant changes in the sector aims to
provide customers with the best service.
Yegenler Chemistry’s target is to be the leader in the industry aims to reach
the highest level by using it’s experience and quality service according to the developing
technology, changing customer’s demands and expectations.

Main products:

Chemical raw material such as textile, coating,cosmetics, printing, sole, cable, rubber, plastics and detergent.

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