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FPS Group is headquartered in Istanbul and cooperates with 60 brands operating in Turkey. There are 1000+ products in the export product portfolio consisting of food, cleaning, cosmetics and non-food product groups. FPS Group exports the products in its portfolio to 20+ countries. The regions it exports to are Arab countries, Central Asian countries, Middle East Countries, African countries and Balkan countries. 

FPS Group Turkey company has FPS Group International company in Montenegro and established its new company in Montenegro in 2023 for its growing foreign trade.

In addition, FPS Group also cooperates with the Dubai-based company and distributes its products to the gulf countries.

On the other hand, FPS Group is a company that imports non-food products and supplies big market chains operating in Turkey. It is an important importer of Turkey in the product groups it imports.
FPS Group, whose main fields of activity are export and export, is a proactive company with an important place in its sector, with wide fields of activity.

Main products:

Food Products (Sunflower oil, Corn oil, Olive oil, Black and green olives, Chicken, Veal, Ready to eat canned beef and chicken meals, Wheat Flour, Tomato paste, Pasta, Fresh fruits and vegetables, Butter, Chese, Yogurt, Basmati and White Rice, Pulses, Fruit juice, Dry fruits nuts and vegetables, Sauces, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Tuna fish, Pickles and canned vegetables, Salt, Instant dry yeast, Frozen bakery and pastry, Hazelnut spread with cacao, Peanut butters, Baby food, Dry and wet fed food, Healthy baked chips, Confectionary, Naturel jams, Honey, Tahini, Molasses, Organic gluten-free vegan foods, Pastry and baking products, Protein bar and fruit bar, Wafer, Biscuit, Snacks Beverages (Sugar-free ice tea and zero calories energy tea, Natural mineral water) Cosmetics (Baby Diapers, Sanitary Napkin, Adult Diaper, Make-up Cosmetics, Tweezers, Nail Clippers, Nail File, Toothbrushes, Hairbrushes, Liquid Soap, Shower Gel, Makeup Cottons, Reed Diffuser, Room Sprey, Cologne, Perfume, Shampoo, Wax Strips, Depilatory Creams, Wet Wipes, Disinfectant, Cleaning Cloth, Dish Sponge etc), Cleaning Products (Home Cleaning Products, Window Cleaners etc.) Non-food Products (Freezer Bags, Stretch Film, Aluminum Folio, Baking Paper, Packaging Tapes, Mouse Trappings, Flycatcher Ribbons, Plastic and Paper Disposables, Stainless Steel, Granite Pots and Pans, Paint and Construction Chemicals)

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