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Established in 1937, the Karabük Demir Qelik Fabrikalarl ('Karabük Iron and Steel Works') were privatized in 1995 and renamed Kardemir. It is Turkey's first integrated iron and steel plant.Since its establishment, Kardemir has realized the project, manufacturing and assembly of numerous industrial plants and is known as the "The Plant that Builds Plants" in Turkey.Our company produces from iron ore and uses approximately 75-80% of liquid raw iron produced in blast furnaces and 20-25% of scrap.There are 4 blast furnaces, 3 converters, 4 ladle furnaces, one vacuum degassing and 4 continuous casting machines in our company and our annual production capacity is approximately 2.500.000 tons of liquid steel.In addition, there are 4 rolling mills in our company: a continuous rolling mill, rod wire mill, a rail-profile rolling mill, and a railroad wheel mill.Rolling Mill Production Capacities:Continuous Rolling Mill:675.00 tons/yearRail-Profile Rolling Mill:450.000tons/yearRod-Wire Mill:700.000tons/yearRailroad Wheel Mill:200.000units/year  Kardemir produces railway wheels, rail tracks, profiles, coils, rebar construction steel, blooms, platinas, billets, angles, mine poles, pig irons, coke and coke by-products in international quality standards and provides the basic inputs in rail systems, automotive, defense industry, machinery manufacturing, construction and the mining sectors.

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-Railway Wheel -Railway Rails -Profiles -Platinas

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