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Mertpa Aqriculture Co. Ltd. is enthusiastic to share its konwlede and experience which span a period of more than twenty-five years. Mertpa, which since its foundation has expert team on fresh fruits and vegetables exports, had become the preferred name in the sector thanks to its quality vegetables and fruits, produced with a mutual cooperation between the company and experienced producers. These vegetables and fruits are produced in strict compliance to European standards and are branded as "VILLAGE" for both national and international markets.

When it comes to regional products, Mertpa has always kept an extensive product range as well as diversifying them. Black fig from Bursa, quince from Bursa and Denizli, 'Sultanas' (a type of grapes) from Denizli and Manisa, 'Sekerpare' (a type of sweet apricot) form Malatya and Hatay, pomegranate from Mersin, Antalya and Denizli are only a few products of Mertpa's products range. Mertpa's world-class production is recognized and certified by ISO 22000 Food Safety Managerial System and GLOBAL G.A.P.

Standing quality, punctual delivery, and reasonable prices have always been Mertpa's essential principles. For Mertpa, sincerity and quality in services and longevity in production are conditions for succes. 

Main products:

apricot sugarpare sultanas grape fig pomegranate nectarine peach quince plum pear melon watermelon green pepper green chile red chile capia pepper hungarian pepper bean green pepper aubergine courgette broad beans cucumber and other fresh fruits and vegetables

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