Akkatoglu Demir Çelik

Akkatoğlu Demir Çelik San. İth.-İhr. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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Akkatoglu Demir Çelik

Akkatoglu Iron&Steel Company was established in Payas-Hatay, Turkey and operating since 1972. Akkatoğlu Iron and Steel are producing mainly cold drawn wire, black annealed wire, galvanized wire, barbed wire, PVC
coated fence wire, hot-dip galvanized wire, construction nails, concrete nails, white&red roofing nails with caps according to international production norms.

With our strong customer portfolio, the company is also supplying steel products like reinforcement steel bar, wire rod, ribbed coil, wire mesh, Merchant Bars as black and hot-dip galvanized (Square, Round, Flat, T-bar, UPN, IPE, IPN, Eq.Angles), Transmission Mill, HRC, CR Coil, HDGC, Strips, Sheet&Plate, HDG Serrated Grated Mesh, ERW Hollow Section & Pipe, HDG Pipes, Our products are exported to several countries of the world, in addition to the domestic market.

Main products:

Cold Rolled Coil&Sheet : 0,35-2.00x1000/1250/1500 length will be cut acc. to customer request Galvanised Coil&Sheet : 0,27-3.00x1000/1250/1500 length will be cut acc. to customer request Black Annealed Wire : 1,00-1,20 mm Common Nails Twisted Wire PPGI Coil&Sheet :0,30-1,50x1000/1250 length will be cut acc. to customer request HR Coil&Sheet : 1.00-20.00x700/1000/1250/1500/2000 HR Plate : 25-40x2000 Equal Angles : 19x19-200x200 HDG Eq.Angles with 10 holes per size UPN : 30x15-550 IPN&IPE : 80- 550 T Bar : 30x30-100x100 HEA&HEB : 120-500 Flat Bar : 12x4-200x50 Round Bar : 8-260 Square Bar : 7x7-25x25 Rebar : 8-32 mm Wire Rod : 5,5-25 mm Ribbed Coil : 8-16 mm HR Hollow Section : 10x10-300x500&400x400 1.00-16.00 mm thickness HR ERW Pipe : 17.2-323.9 1.00-15.00 mm thickness SSAW Pipe :406.4-3024 mm Hot Dip Galvanized Pipe : 1/2"-8" as GTC&GPE Natural Gas, Petroleum&Line Pipes : 3/4"-12"-API Grade

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