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Gante Mutfak ve Kapı

Having started its journey to be the best and persistent, Saglamcılar stepped into the market by selling veneer and timber in the year of 1962. Thanks to the ambition and experience of the founder Mehmet Hayri SAĞLAMCI, the company developed in a short time. After gaining enough experience in the sector, Saglamcılar Inc. started PVC kitchen door production under the brand of MASPOWER which started to dominate the furniture sector in a short time.

In the year 2007, Sağlamcılar Inc. peaked up its quality by making a big investment in technology and setting up fully automatic production and painting lines. In accordance with these big investments, Saglamcılar Inc. has also started production of LACQUER DOORS and VENEER DOORS. In this process, MASDOOR brand has also participated in door production.

Saglamcılar Inc., having annual production volume of 800.000 square-meter kitchen door,125.000 pieces of interior door, is formed of a young and dynamic team with the aim of following the current and future designs. With the regular investments in technology and software, Saglamcılar Inc. has succeeded to become popular both in domestic and international market. The company is leading the sector in terms of quality with 850 employees and 45.000 square-meter indoor area.

With the help of those capacity,experience, investment and background, a new brand appeared in 2015 with the name of GANTE, which produces kitchen,wardrobes,doors,bathroom vanities and other fixed furnitures to the biggest projects in Turkey and overseas countries as full serviced includes design,production,shipment and installation. Some of our projects which were completed succesfully by GANTE were in USA,UAE, France, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Omman, Morocco, Montenegro, Kosovo, Crotia, Romania, Nigeria, Libya. When the fixed furniture projects are in progress, we constantly get the feedbacks for producing movable furnitures from our customers and It was realised that there are some gaps in the supply chain when the market researches were made deeply.  

After gaining strength , end user experience and international project management experience with GANTE,  It was deemed necessary and inevitable to open a new page with the new brand LIGNUMIA to the movable/disassembled boxed furnitures.

Lignumia aims to achieve producing high quality collections, unique designs, undamaged just in time shipment, easy installation, competitive price and innovator in sector with the power of production lines.

Main products:

Kitchen,Door,TV units,Bookshelf,Desk,Wardrobe,Bathroom vanity

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