Hidropar Hareket Kontrol Teknolojileri Merkezi San. ve Tic. A.S.

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We are a Turkish engineering company, that implements "turnkey" projects in the field of hydraulics, pneumatics, control systems and linear motion systems. Our company has been operating since 1998. The company was established as an official partner and system integrator of Bosch Rexroth and Roth Industry companies, since then HKTM has not stopped expanding its business. Today, we are able to design and produce:

• Hydraulic power units

• Hydraulic servo cylinder / motor                                                                                                                                                                       

• Hydraulic valve stands                                                                                                  

• Hydraulic piston accumulator stations                                                                   

• Lubrication systems,

• Piping, flushing and start-up services


• Electrical boxes and the automatic part.


We can design hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power units according to basic technical information. We can do engineering: draw the hydraulic diagram, choose and prepare the material lists and also design the power units, hydraulic cylinders and pipes in 3D using INVENTOR. After your approval or corrections, we start production. Finally we can connect the piping between the power units and the cylinders, and do the pickling & flushing and start-up.



In addition to hydraulic projects we distribute hydraulic spare parts, since we are sale’s partner with 12 different companies:

BOSCH REXROTH:          All hydraulic, pneumatic, linear, servo products;

ROTH:                 Bladder accumulator, diaphragm accumulator, piston accumulator, nitrogen bottles,    (old-named bolenz&schäfer);

EMB:                   Hydraulic interconnect components

GATES:               Hydraulic hoses, Hydraulic hoses machines

SITEMA:             Clamping units and brakes for mechanical engineering

GRACO:              Silicon dosing, lubricating systems and grease pump

KTR:                    Coupling, bell hosing, torque limiter, Hydraulic accessories

RECKON :           Planetary Gearboxes

TURCK:               Sensors, fieldbus, machine safety systems

DUFF-NORTON:Screw jacks, rotary unions

STAUFF:              Diagnostics and Filtration technology

ARTESIS:             Predictive maintenance products


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Main products:

Hydraulic System, Robotic System, Hydraulic Power Unit, Hydraulic Block, Hydraulic Valve Stand, Hydraulic Cylinder, Rotary Actuator, Cartesian robot, Electromechanic and Automation, Turnkey projects.

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