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Mutaş Group started manufacturing of industrial kitchen equipments in 1997 and continuous manufacturing of cooking, cold room and laundry equipments with 160 employees and 55000 m2 factory area.

Mutaş Group, which has proved its production and service activities with turnkey projects, has national and international official hospital-health center-justice building-prison etc. institution / establishment kitchens, hotel-restaurant-cafe-patisserie-manufacturing plants-food factory-meat processing plants etc. proudly presents its products to its customers with its special projects.

Exports its products more than 40 countries by its authorized dealar and powerful sales team.

Continues its production with the understanding of quality, which can keep up with today's conditions, benefit from technology at every stage of its production, keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level with timely production and delivery time.

Main products:

Convection oven, oven, patisserie oven, range, hot plate, fryer, pasta cooker, bain marie, fry top, grill, american grill, tilting bratt pan, boiling pan, cold room panels, cooling units, refrigerator, laundry, washer extractor, tumble dryer, ironer, roller ironer, flatwork iron, dryer, washer, dishwasher, glass washer, plate washer, conveyor dishwasher, service counter.

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