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Established as a subsidiary of Tanriver Group of Companies, Kaleblokbims A.Ş provides the production and sales of light construction elements and light construction materials that will increase the quality of life and manufacturing in the construction sector, as well as export. Our company produces lightweight construction elements such as block-pumice, hollow blocks, solid plates in its production facility, and offers a wide range of raw materials to its customers by sieving and expanding the pumice and perlite mines that are extracted from the mines in the Eastern Anatolia Region and processed in various sizes. 
Group companies
KALEBLOKBİMS; We produce insulated lightweight building materials, pumice blocks, hollow blocks, solid slabs and bricks in our Kaleblokbims factory in Erzurum/Turkey.
K-FIX; In our central factory in Erzurum/Turkey, we produce many construction chemicals such as tile and ceramic adhesives, joint fillers, pumice and natural stone adhesives, mineral added plasters, thermal insulation board adhesives in the field of construction chemicals.
DOGUPERLIT; We produce expanded perlite in many different sizes with the micronized perlite expansion plant that we have put into operation in our central production factory in Erzurum/Turkey.
PT POLITEK; In our Trabzon-based company PT POLITEK, many materials using styrofoam such as thermal insulation boards, compressed EPS boards, styrofoam hollow blocks, fish boxes are produced.
KAPTAŞ; Kapadokya Doğal Taş A.Ş, our group company, produces decorative and mosaic natural stones for interior and exterior use in Nevşehir Ürgüp central production facilities.
ERKALE;  Erkale Lightweight Building Materials Our factory in Erzincan produces pumice blocks, hollow blocks, solid slabs and bricks, reinforced concrete pipes, paving and keystones.

Main products:

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