Hybrid Engineering

Hibrid İklimlendirme Mühendislik Enerji Çözümleri ve Dış Ticaret Limited Şirketi

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Hybrid Engineering

Our Services

• Project Design and Consultancy
To prepare of HVAC projects according to needs of investors, conractors, sub-contractors and architects by giving them assistance about to choice proper products & systems. Therefore we take care all about your comfort expectations, first investment costs and operation costs (maintenance, energy consumption etc.)

• Automation
We set automation systems in buildings to run HVAC systems more effective, to monitor all devices and to measure energy consumption of these products. Also you can use our products with your Building Management System (BMS) and run them integrated with smart home applications.

• After Sales
To install the copper pipe, indoor&outdoor units, refrigerant charge, test and commissioning.
After running the systems, we provide periodic maintenance services to increase the energy efficiency and  to extend the life-time of products. Furthermore troubles will be prevented.
We support you about trobleshooting issues and supply spare parts for products.

Main products:

- Variable Refrigerant Systems (VRF/VRV) - Chiller - Fan Coil - Air Handling Unit - Heat Pump - Data Center Cooling - Light Commercial AC (Cassette, Ducted) - Fan & Filters - Air Condition Accessories and Spare Parts

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