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Bimeks Tel/Bimeks Çelik

Bimeks Tel produces low-carbon, high-carbon and coated steel wire. In addition to its production, the company continues its distributorship activities of the world's leading machinery manufacturers. The company was established in 1964 under the name of Arsay Tel Uretimi AS. Moving to its location in Kırklareli province in 1996, the company has continued its activities under the name Bimeks-Arsay AS between 2008-2014. In 2014, Bimeks-Arsay AS acquired all the shares of Arsay Tel Uretimi AS and became the owner of the facility. As of 2018, the company title has been changed to Bimeks Tel AS.

The production facility consists of two factories, the low-carbon wire production unit and the high-carbon wire production unit. Total plant area is 65.000 square meters. Wire production facility is built on a closed area of 18.000 square meters. Energy installation capacity is 8 MW. Current capacity of the plant is 35.000 tons of steel wire. The company has taken its place among the leading companies in the wire industry in Turkey by blending modern machinery and equipment with the knowledge and experience of its employees.

The company was established in 1989 for marketing and exporting of engineering steels and renamed as Bimeks Celik AS after the company Rodacciai Spa joined as the shareholder by the year 2000. After becoming the joint venture, Bimeks Celik has started to sell all the products of Rodacciai Group both in the local market and in other markets. Sales activity of the company was spread out into the local market while at the beginning, the main target was only to export based on the knowledge and experience of the founders of engineering steels. Bimeks Celik distributes the products through the stockyards in the cities of Istanbul, Kırklareli and Bursa. The company gives service mainly to automotive and white goods industry besides defence, machinery, petrochemistry, electric-electronic, construction and heating-cooling industries.

Bimeks Celik AS always aims to work on all the details of technical and commercial requirements of its clients first and then to meet those requirements on time. For this reason, more than half of the total labour of the company consists of engineers. Those engineers who are specialists in the field of engineering steels check all the enquiries carefully and decide on the exact technical requirements without considering the quantity required by the client and then the enquiry is turned into the commercial process. On this basis, Bimeks Celik serves to its clients as a technical advising office in the local market as well as in the export markets. Bimeks Celik changes the “buy and sell process” into “partnership” with clients in engineering steel sector. The company followed up many projects patiently and got the positive results after many years like 4-5 years. Naturally, this needs both the personal of Bimeks Celik and its clients should follow-up the improvements in the technology that improves continuously. Bimeks Celik also leads clients into this way and give up to dated technical information both to its staff and its clients. As a result of those principles, Bimeks Celik is known as a reputable and reliable company after many years of activity in the field of engineering steels.

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High Carbon Steel Wire Low Carbon Steel Wire Zinc Coated Steel Wire Copper Coated Steel Wire Copper Coated Nail Welding Wire Tin Coated Steel Wire Cold-Headed Steel Wire Free Cutting Steel Bars/Round Carbon Steel Bars/Round Alloyed Steel Bars/Round Austenitic Stainless Steel Bars / Round

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