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Established in 1998, we were eager to see what we could accomplish with the inspiring technologies of the changing world. Since our very first project, we have taken each and every of our steps by listening to our customers and taking care of their habits and needs. From the first day, we have been moving forward together with Bosch Rexroth, one of the leading technology companies of the world, while trying to make our sub-brand HKSM a leader in its segment. This is why engineering is more than just an occupation for us; it is one of the most creative ways to make our customers dreams come true. In order to achieve this goal, we focus on 3 areas in our service and production processes: Hydraulics, Electro-mechanics and Robotics, Mechanics and Automation. Thanks to their mutually complementary services in Engineering and Turnkey projects, each of them being experts in their own fields, our departments meet all of your expectations from one end to the other. This is why engineering is not only solving the existing problem for us; it also ensures the way that all systems work smoothly and in compliance with each other. Designing the technology and evolving it into reality is also a significant part of our job. We leave our mark in each of our projects with innovative products -such as collaborative robot, servo hydraulic cylinder, parallel robot, delta robot- that we develop by carrying on collaborative works with universities and scientific institutions. This is why engineering for us does not mean using today's products only, it means designing the future. And probably our biggest responsibility is to respect the limited resources of the world, while developing the most innovative technologies. This is our duty towards both our customers and our children. For this reason, in each step we comply with the most up-to-date environmental standards and we consider the environmental impacts during the period from the first stage to the minute we present it to you. This is why engineering for us is to make the world a better place above all.

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Hydraulic power units Hydraulic cylinders Valve stands Accumulator stands Hydraulic blocks Cartesian robots Hydraulic training sets

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