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Saray which is the beloved biscuit brand of Turkey and continues its operation as a Saray holding establishment is began its journey at 1961 in Karaman. The flavor story that continued with guest candies, toffee candies, hard candies and Turkish delight production at 1979 is continuing with more than 400 product spectrum suitable to the taste of customers with the registration of the Saray brand. Saray which owns the well-known brand title since 1995, made production more than 50 thousand tons annually in the biscuit, wafer, chocolate, cake, cracker and candy areas and also deliver these products to its customers. Saray Biscuit which focuses its main goals in the human resource, innovation, growth, profitability, brand and supply chain areas; came long way in growth, profitability and service quality and now made production according to world standards. Since 1981 it provided food to its employees, work to its shareholders, friend to the ones require friendship and happiness to its customer. Saray Biscuit export its products which are produced in state of the art facilities in Karaman and Kırklareli factories which are among the most modern and high capacity factories in Europe to more than 110 countries. Saray Biscuit also triggers the new investments by contributing the establishment of new subsidiaries. Saray Biscuit which is one of the biggest companies in the snack market of Turkey is continue its journey towards globalization. With its tenacity and belief, its innovative behavior, fast and dynamic decision making is approaching rapidly to its goal to become a world company.

Main products:

Biscuits, chocolates, cakes, wafers, crackers, candies

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