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Thorq Power

Thorq Power is an industrial engine and agricultural equipment manufacturer company with more than 55 years of experience in the industry. With the slogan "your loyal and powerful friend", Thorq Power has the mission to meet the needs for power and movement of the society and to improve their life standard with professional engineering solutions. Company products include single & two cylinder diesel engines, single cylinder gasoline engines, diesel & gasoline motor-pumps (water pump) and diesel & gasoline generators. Customer portfolio is commonly manufacturers of tillers (motor-hoe), irrigation pumps, generators, construction and marine equipments. Today with its high production capacity plant located in Istanbul Turkey, Thorq Power is capable of producing more than 16000 unit engines annually.

Main products:

industrial and agricultural type engines, diesel engines, gasoline engines, agricultural machines, diesel water-pumps, gasoline water-pumps, diesel generators, gasoline generators

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