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Akdeniz Entegre

Our business has acquired extensive experience in the field of food products since 1988 and it is being managed by the second generation since its reorganization as a legal entity in 2001.  The canned meat plant, which was put into operation in 2018, produces 360 cans containing meat per minute. In addition, it also produces chilled and frozen meat by using a pool of machinery in its plant with a floor area of 6,500 square meters in Antakya Industrial Park.

We aim to offer delicious LunchOne and Mortella brand products that we have developed in our facility, which aims to present the best product in the best way with innovative works, to all people of the world. In order to achieve this goal, we, as the Akdeniz Entegre family, carry out our work at high standards with our 220 personnel.

Main products:

Lunceon Meat

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