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Atel Textile is a private company with over 30 years experience and know-how in the socks industry. Established in 2009, taking environmental consciousness and sustainability as it’s core values, Atel become an innovative and sustainable socks manufacturer working with Green Factory principles where 50% of energy consumption is saved. 

We currently manufacture any kind of ordinary or sport or competition activity for men, women and kids. In Atel we are able to produce any kind of technical socks suchs as trekking socks (for marathons where anti-blistering is required ), cycling & football socks (requires inner leg protection & compression ), skiing socks ( requires heat protection )

In Atel IT & Manufacturing Teams have developed special machinery and appliances, automating manufacturing operations like toe-closing, pairing, packaging, warehousing management & operations, inner factory transportation of semi-finished and finished items. With the help of this system all production process controlled by next department which prevents and reduces issues in production.

Short Lead Times: 8 Weeks For New Orders 6 Weeks For Repeat Orders Atel Reduces its lead times by having good Business Partnerships with suppliers of materials (yarns) and services (dye houses), resulting to prioritize of its orders for years.

Main products:

Men, Women, Kids & Baby Socks

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