BAHAR Group of companies is a Turkish production and service corporate group, established in 1940 and currently developing 5  directions of activities: Turkey meat production, Cheese production, Food distribution, Construction and Insurance. Manufacturing sites are situated in Antalya district. 


 Turkey meat production site of Bahar Hindi includes fully integrated production line and corresponds to the highest international standards in therms of technological parameters and the level of technical equipment. 


Bahar Hindi is one of the largest turkey meat producers in Turkey. 

Bahar Hindi turkey meat production complex is a vertically integrated structure with complete production cycle: growing, fattening, slaughtering, processing. State-of-the-art technology, modern and quality equipment, innovation technologies and solutions allows Bahar Hindi produce the products of highest quality.

• Maximum quality and safety control at every stage is secured by fully integrated cycle of production.

• Wide range of products, including frozen turkey parts, canned products, semi-finished frozen products and delicacies.

  • Our products stand out not only because of high quality but also because of their delicious taste: 3 of our products were awarded by superior taste prize from ITQI which is the most prestigious institute in the world.

Main products:

Canned turkey meat products, luncheon meat, cold cuts, frozen semi-finished products made of turkey meat (meatballs, skewers, etc.)

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