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The Exporters Associations have been established with the aim of contributing to the improvement of exports, carrying out export related transactions on behalf of their members and coordinating business activities and relations of exporters, finding solutions to their problems and providing guidance.

Exporters engaged in different sectors join exporters' associations depending on the type of their business operations. Each exporter’s association has a board of directors, whose members are elected by the exporters.

Southeast Anatolian Exporters Assc. were found in 1984 for the purpose of increasing export in Gaziantep and in Southeast Anatolia Region of Turkey. There are four exporters association within the General Secretariat of the Southeast Anatolian Exporters Associations, which is abbreviated to GAIB. GAIB has its headquarters in Gaziantep and renders its services to its active members via its liaison offices in Diyarbakır, Kahramanmaraş, Malatya, Mardin, Şanlıurfa, Adıyaman, Kilis, Cizre/Şırnak and Gaziantep Free Zone in the region.

The Exporters Unions within the organisation of GAIB are listed below;

  • Cereals Pulses Oil Seeds and Products Exporters’ Assc. (Found in 1986)
  • Dried Fruit and Products Exporters’ Assc. (Found in 1986)
  • Textile and Raw Materials Exporters’ Assc. (Found in 1989)
  • Carpet Exporters’ Assc. (Found in 2009)

Southeast Anatolia Region of Turkey has a natural advantage related to export stemmed from the regional product diversity. Especially, regional products like yarns, textile products machine made carpets, dried apricots, cereals (pasta, wheat flour) play a critical role for development of the region. 


Seminars and other activities for increasing the awareness of the members are within our main field of interest. Adaptation to new Technologies is the vital part of current international competition. For this purpose our experts are in a dedicated effort for consultation.

GAİB has an organization which has been highlighting problems faced in sub-industries in its area of coverage, offers solutions, and successfully represents its members on national and international platforms since its establishment. This, however, was not considered sufficient and it continues to conduct its operations by adapting itself to all kinds of innovations with a view to offering information to its members and to adapt itself to changes in the world in the best manner in line with globalization.

In that context,

Information is shared with member firms through circular letters and the following web site of our unions.

Web site of the General Secretariat:

All kinds of information which exporters may need with respect to target countries and products is compiled and made available to members who wish to receive such information. Figures related to daily, weekly, and monthly export records are recorded.

Analyses regarding products and markets in target countries are made in order to realize and enhance export potential of related industries and our members and their results are disseminated to our members.

Problems faced by our members during export processes are notified to agencies and organizations concerned and necessary actions are taken to resolve them. Training seminars are organized in order to encourage member companies to export their products and to gain a competitive edge in world markets.

We attend national and international conventions, seminars, symposia, and conferences and inform our members about issues discussed. Representatives of companies in importing countries are invited to Turkey in order to enable them to meet with the representatives of member exporters. In addition, business visits are paid to target countries where one-on-one meetings are held between our exporters and businessmen in those countries.

Arrangements are made for direct collective participation in fairs organized in target countries in order to find new business opportunities in existing markets and to penetrate into target markets with a view to helping our exporters find new markets. In addition, other major fairs in which firms can participate individually or collectively are notified to our members and also posted on our web site.

Actions are taken to resolve problems encountered by firms in their dealings with authorities concerned during export processes.

We take part in efforts to draw up export laws and regulations and to arrange our country's international relations and the opinions and suggestions of different industries are conveyed to agencies and organizations concerned.

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