RosaDamascena Sincer Rose Oil

Sincer Gülyağı ve Tıbbi Aromatik Bitkiler Kozmetik Makina Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi

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RosaDamascena Sincer Rose Oil

Having made its debut at business life, in retail sector, in 1995, SİNCER GROUP took interest in Rose Oil sector in 2000s. 

SİNCER GROUP took a step into the sector in order to utilize Isparta Rose that has an immense share in world rose industry and to provide a new buyer to the sector along with its R&D activities. The company keeps taking firm steps in expanding in European market, Far East, Middle East and increasing its export to these regions. 

The certificates like TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice that our plant in Isparta holds prove that how seriously we take cosmetic, food safety and quality issues. The production materials that are in use in our plants are made of non-rusting chromium 316 as an evidence of the care that we attach to human health and environment. 

Our Group have been strictly adhering to the principles and values of ours along with our innovative and progressive nature and commitment to care the needs and demands of our customers and stakeholders for 27 years. Placing the passion and making difference in the center of its strategy, SİNCER GROUP maintains its activities in rose oil sector while climbing the steps of achievement both in Turkey and in the world firmly and swiftly. 

Our oil rose plant is located in Isparta Organized Industrial Zone with its 1350 m² closed and 5000 m² total area and it perfectly meets the demands of the market which expands with great pace. 

The plant has the capacity of processing 900 tons of rose annually. 

We have been researching the opportunities of extracting rose concrete, rose absolute as well as the oils of other flowers and plants for coming years. 

SİNCER GROUP has been expanding with firm and serious steps since 1995. Making no compromises on its “Fair Principles” and “Quality Work” and making immense contributions to the economy of Turkey, our group has the targets of being lead in quality and service in related sectors and benchmark of the sector. 

Products: Rose Ess. Oil, Rose Hydrosol, Rose Water, Rose Phenyl Ethyl Alc., Dried Rose Petals.


Rosa Damascena; The brand of our products obtained from real Isparta roses

(Meaning: It is the Latin name of the Isparta Rose in the World..)

Main products:

Rose Esstial Oil Rose Hydrosol Rose Water Rose Phenyl Ethyl Alc.

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