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Entekno Materials

Entekno Materials has been developing environmentally friendly products for a sustainable future. As a result of these studies, the patented, locally produced MicNo® ZnO UV-Filter has been awarded the European Union Innovation Award & MicNo® ZnO UV-Filter Technology is widely used in the cosmetics & personal care products market, especially in sun care products, baby care, colour cosmetics & daily care products. In addition, MicNo® ZnO Technology also has the Cosmos-Ecocert Natural certificate and Helal Certificate. As Entekno, we know the innovation is the key for the sustainable World therefore we believe it’s our duty to make sure that we do our part in having our planet in a better position for future generations.


Main products:

Cosmetic products such as sunscreen creams, skincare products Additives for skincare, and sunscreen applications. Additives for antibacterial soap and shampoo

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