Mersa Oil

Mersa Dep. Kim. Pet. Tüt. ve Tar. Ürn. Teks. San. Tic. ve LTD. ŞTİ.

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Mersa Oil

(Mersa Oil), our modern refinery, which was established in Mersin Free Zone with 100% Turkish capital, has been producing in mineral oil sector since 2009.

Mersa Oil successfully manufactures gasoline and diesel engine oils, industrial products and other lubricants to compensate all the needs of the automotive industry with its IXON brand. Like all international brands that are in competition, it focused on developing its own technology because of that, it aimed at meeting the expectations of end-users in both domestic and foreign markets for quality lubricants and lubrication products.

In addition to production, our company also trades Group I-II-III Base Oils, which are used as raw materials in the lubricant industry, internationally.


Main products:

-Passenger Vehicles Engine Oils -Commercial Vehicles Engine Oils -Motorcycle Oils -Tractor Oils -Transmission and Gear Oils -Supplementary Products -Greases -Industrial Oils -Base Oil(Group I-II-III)

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