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Zekeriya Altınbaş


As Altınbaş Ticaret, we look to the future with an innovative and developing perspective with our family business history of more than 100 years.  Since 2020, we have been continuing our export-oriented commercial activities throughout Africa, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa.

 Our most important source of motivation is our effort and desire to provide better conditions for our country and Africa with our exports that are customer-oriented, based on satisfaction and trust.

 Our commercial activities continue with the marketing and sales of the products of the factories we represent in Africa.  In addition, we collect products from different requested sectors and make a mixed container and send them to our customers from factories without intermediaries.

 We carry out all transactions in Turkey from a single source with the services we provide from A to Z.  These;  product research, quality control, documentation, invoicing, export, customs clearance, cargo and freight.

 For our guests visiting Turkey;  We offer services such as welcoming, guidance, translation, factory visits and accommodation.

 We continue to be the eyes of our customers in Africa in Turkey with the products we supply in line with demand, especially water tanks, furniture, construction materials, electrical materials, food, hygiene products, baby diapers.

Main products:

Water Tanks Furniture Electric materials

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