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EMEK ELEKTRIK ENDUSTRISI A.S. aims to manufacture high quality &reliable products, taking both safety & environmental requirements into consideration. EMEK quality for design & manufacturing, has been certified by both local & international institutes. EMEK has become a renowned world trade-mark for delivery, quality & service. EMEK was established in 1969. The plant comprises of 11,500 m² covered area & 31,050 m² open area. EMEK has the capability to offer instrument transformers up to 525kV and disconnectors up to 245kV with composite silicone/porcelain insulators. EMEK has its own production of composite silicone insulators. EMEK has certifications from indepent bodies and laboratories as listed below; KEMA, CESI, VEIKI, ICMET, IPH, FGH and similar laboratories. EMEK has accredidated laboratory to perform all type and routine tests of instrument transformers and disconnectors. EMEK has completed type testing according to new IEC 61869 Standards. Additionally, EMEK performed Internal Arc Test for Current Transformers, successfully. EMEK has its own production of composite silicone insulators. EMEK equipments are widely used in electricity infrastructure in 118 countries worldwide. EMEK has the main factory in Ankara Turkey, an EMEK R&D company in Ankara Turkey and a sales office in South Carolina, 

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Instrument Transformers and Disconnectors

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