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Dear Sir / Madam,

Visys is manufacturing high-tech sorter systems mainly for Dried Fruit, Tree Nut and Fruit processing companies.

During the 20 years since established, Visys became one of the leading companies in the sorting field. With his self-owned software, developments, engineerings and experienced staff, Visys provides his customers efficiently and fast solutions.

Our company based in Turkey, has the proper pride to be one of the leaders in sorter field all around the world.

Regarding our countries big harvest volumes of dried fruits, we won big experiences in sorting issues and provide solutions for problem-products to the customers.

We install sorter equipments for Hazelnut Companies, Walnut, Pistachio and Prunes, as to be understand for the raisin processing too.

Our biggest industrie is the raisin and the hazelnut field.

Additional countries to Turkey, like Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Iran, Afganistan, Uzbekistan, Greece, Holland, France, Australia are installed with our sorter. 

Our system can sort in one hour up to 6 tons with an sorting efficienty 95%-97%

We can sort any kind of foreign material, unwish products, unwished colors, moldy impurities from the good product. 

With our own developed x-ray you can sort embedded foreign materials, as stones, metals, glas, sus wire.

Our brand new technology for the x-ray is that we put a RGB Camera into the x-ray system, where you can sort as well very close color differences on same time.

In generally our sorter technologies are;

the Laser Technology, the Hyperspectral Camera Technology, the RGB camera technology, the Xray technology.

By using this varies of system, we ara able to manufacture the right sorter with the right technology which will welcome the customers need.

For service issues, we install remote system as well for mechanical maintenance local service staff. Our service engineers are able to act fast and solve the problem first via remote. Our fast react and reachable during all the day/night enabled us to be one step ahead of our competitors.

Warm Regards


Main products:

Laser Sorter Machines, Hyperspectral Camera Sorter, RGB Sorter Machines, X-Ray Food Detection Machines

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