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Zümre Metalurji San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

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Zümre Metalurji

Zümre Metalurji has a history of more than 40 years and with agreat deal of experience in the field of industrial hardfacing and hardfaced glass moulds.

Manufacture and supply of year resistant and corrosİon resİstant hardfaced parts such as glass moulds, bottom plates, neckrings, guİde rings, plungers, spare parts, wedges, shafts, valve rings, wear plates.

We produce glass moulds and spare parts of glass product systems, industrial blades, mining and soil implements, wear plates, continuous cast moulds, rolls, arc furnace accessores.

We operate from Lüleburgaz Kırklareli based environmentfriendly plant.


Service Offered

Weld-overlaying of various alloys for various OEMs (valves, pumps, knives and blades etc.)

Thermal Spraying / Weld overlaying for repair and maintenance for worn-out parts for varİous industries.

Specialized welding services for low heat inputdeposition methods to reduceweld distortions.

Mould design

Main products:

Mould and spare parts for Glass Industry

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