Karakaya Kuruyemiş

Karakaya Kuruyemiş Gıda Tarım Taah. Turz. Teks. San. ve Tic. LTD ŞTİ

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Karakaya Kuruyemiş

Our company started its first production in 1979 with a small roasted chickpea factory in Serinhisar, Denizli, under the leadership of Nuri KARAKAYA. By increasing its production capacity in 1980, wholesaling was started Turkey-wide. Thus, by creating the Karakaya Kuruyemiş brand and reaching wider audiences, its journey in the sector was accelerated. In 2000, a transition from manufacturing workshop to factory was completed in order to increase the variety of roasted chickpeas and to produce other types of dried nuts and bring them to the end consumer. In addition to wholesale sales, our factory created a new retail brand and started its retail service in 2004 with 20 freshly produced chickpeas and other dried fruit varieties. With the increase in our service quality and demands, the number of our stores is increasing day by day. In addition to our existing stores, we started the construction of our complex store in order to bring the freshest flavors of our city and our brand to our valuable consumers on intercity highways. With a total of 9500 m2 open and 4500 m2 closed area, we are increasing our services every year with a modern facility on the Antalya-Denizli highway where passengers can both buy our fresh nuts and eat.

Main products:

all kind of roasted chickpeas, dragees, chocolate coated nuts

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