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behiye teymur

With its "Rose Care" series, Rosebella brings a miracle from Anatolian lands to your skin care routine. Damask rose, which is the main ingredient of our products is the most special of the rose varieties. Say hello to the miracle with "Rosa Damascena Mill" originating from the Isparta region of Anatolia!

Feel the taste in every sip! Alia Sultan presents you traditional coffee flavors with its high quality. Our products are made of premium coffee beans and real spices. They do not contain any artificial flavors, colorings and sweeteners. Alia Sultan coffees are roasted with expertise, freshly ground and carefully packaged.

We dry high-quality figs grown in the Aegean Region of Turkey under high hygienic conditions and classify them according to their calibers. Our figs, which are offered by the Iskele brand, are presented to you for consumption in different packages ranging from 200 grams to 5 kilograms.

Main products:

We produce many food items such as extra virgin olive oil, 9 kinds of olives, olive salads, various breakfast sauces, orange jam, tahini molasses, tomato and pepper paste, halva and coffee. We also have 20 kinds of herbal homemade soaps, rose extract and rose creams.

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