Abidin Saltık

EGEBANT Zımpara ve Polisaj malz.san ve tic.a.ş.

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Abidin Saltık

Egebant is a producer of safety gloves in Turkey, 
and a converter of abrasives and adhesives of premium brands like 3M,Bisco,Poron,Klingspor,nastroflex,Sicad...

80% of total sales  are to car makers(Mercedes-Benz,Toyota,Renault,Fiat,Isuzu,Honda,M.A.N,Temsa,…) and whitegoods porducer (Whirlpool,Bosch,Siemens,Beko,Arçelik,Singer,….)

Egebant offers abrasives and adhesive tapes with high material quality from premium brands 3M,Klingspor,Sicad… with economic,skillful  Turkish labor.

17 million gloves will be produced in 2021 with the modest new technology.

CE certified goods can easly  delivered wit ANSI declarations.

Main products:

persoanal safety goods, safety gloves ,mechanical gloves;cut resistant gloves industriel supplies like abrasives and adhesive tapes

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