Aluminium Service Center

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Aluminium Service Center

Founded in İmes Sanayi Sitesi/İSTANBUL in 2004,Seykoc Alüminum has become one of the leading companies in aluminum sector within a short time.

Seykoc Aluminum who put into operation factory and headquarters building by the end of 2013 in 6.500 m2 area in Çayırova/KOCAELİ under the name Aluminum Service Center has 5 sales center which are located in European side of Istanbul and Ankara,Izmir,Bursa,Adana

Seykoc has consistently developed service quality,stock levels,product range and facilities with expert engineers since date of established.

By keeping large quantities stock,supplying within a short time to 2000,5000,6000,7000 series alloyed aluminum which is especially desired high tensile strenght and machinability,Seykoc has provided speed,confidence and stability to Turkish Aluminum industy.

It is able to supply aluminum plate with 1 mm precision cutting within two fully automated cutting machine.

The main sectors that we serve; Defense Industry, Automotive and industrial, Mold and Machine Industry, ship and yacht industry,tanker and Silobus Industry.

Main products:

AluRex - Cast Plate, Aluminium Plate, Aluminium Sheet, Aluminium Round Bar, Aluminium Tube, Aluminium Rectangular Tube, Aluminium Bar, Aluminium Profile, Series 1xxx - 2xxx - 3xxx - 4xxx - 5xxx - 6xxx Full Plate Cut Plate

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