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Infinidium Technologies is a dynamic organization with a young spirit producing
authenticated hardware and software, bringing value added products to Turkey
with a complete domestic and national capital and, exporting products and
services abroad.

With a team of engineers, which has been developing for more than 20 years, it
develops many products and projects, in particular, new generation and
solution-oriented software services in many smart city areas such as IOT,
Security, Communication, Transportation, Environment, Public Transportation for
a sustainable future.

At Infinidium Technologies, the approach of services starts with a needs analysis, ensuring that the processes are successfully
concluded with an accurate business development plan and the placement of the right products. With its specialist engineers at all
the points needed for the project such as hardware, software, camera, security and integration etc., Infinidium Technologies produces
easy-to-integrate solutions and oer turnkey projects.

Hardware Sevices, IOT, industrial PC or custom production hardware for the needs of organizations and the industry as a whole.

Smart City Services, Services and applications focusing on environment, life, energy, security and people for the creation of smart cities.

Project Management and Business development, A central point to oer services such as customer analyses, business analyses, technical analyses, project preparations, support desks and process developments etc.

Software Services, Software services supported by the state-of-the-art technologies suitable for the necessities of the time; in compliance with hardware and processes, meeting the requirements.

After Project Support Services, We keep standing by our customers and follow up
project related developments for after-project support processes.

Main products:

Blackbox, Blackbox® is a new generation resource management/ savings system including vehicle inspection and record unit based on safe driving and fuel economy for the companies with fleets of vehicles. Smart UPS, The smart UPS device, which meets the additional energy needs of vehicles even when it is in motion or turned off, is a device that can be remotely monitored with black box integration, restarted, fault conditions can be monitored and can be centrally managed with current protection features. Passenger Counting System, It is a system that allows e¬ective route planning by reducing passenger waiting times, regulating the tra c created by public transport, and increasing the quality of in-car travel. Amplifier, Specially designed to be used in the vehicle, the amplifier is prepared with double-sided PCB. It has a small compact size and offers easy assembly. It has fanless cooling for trouble-free and reliable operation. Amplifier for greater protection and reliability; It offers circuits that protect against short circuits, open circuits, overheating and more. No engine noise ¬s heard during opening/closing, thus preventing noise. IVC, It acts as a bridge by providing central management of operation management, incident records and all invehicle communication in combat, logistics and defense vehicles. It provides high processing capacity and high resolution data generation. Fuse Box, It is a voltage regulator system used for energy management in Public Transportation Vehicles, ensuring the safety of devices and vehicles against energy problems that may occur, fault detection in Maintenance-Service processes and minimizing intervention times. ADAS, which provides a safe driving system and adaptive driving capabilities, can also be used in vehicles such as maintaining public order or responding to social events; While it provides audio and visual warnings about security violations such as continuous image recording of the front of the vehicle, following distance from the vehicle in front, incorrect lane change, pedestrian collision warning, it also instantly sends information to the management screens.

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