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The company started carrying on a business in the furniture industry in 1975. By considering the need in the industry, it branded “Demsas” in 1981, in order to be professionalized in a much particular area. Being among the leading companies of the industry with a successful past, the company’s vision is to gain a reputation overseas.

The reason behind the success of Demsas is its management approach, which is customer oriented and aims to enhance productivity. This approach takes place with addressing the needs, the objective of maintaining absolute customer satisfaction, and trust-based marketing philosophy.

Demsas family, like all other families, has shared values obtained from the working principles of the founders. Our values explaining why Demsas Kitchen & Bathroom exists and why it is better than other companies are all over Demsas family, from top to bottom.

Kitchens are the center of houses; the hardware and materials used reflect the life quality of occupants. Demsas product range provides solutions that are affordable and suitable for anyone and any place. Being an expert in kitchen and bathroom manufacture, Demsas provides “the dream kitchen” with high-quality products that fulfills the customer needs. Demsas, with its quality, has decorated and added value the homes of over 100,000 families. With a group of experienced architects and advanced use of software, Demsas instantly produces projects and makes tailor-made production with computer-aided and cutting-edge machinery.

The senses of responsibility applied by each Demsas employee and taking care of customer requests require pre-sale and post-sale customer satisfaction. Demsas, with its employees taking this as principle, emphatically carries its quality leadership forward.

Main products:

Ready kitchen unit, Other wooden furniture type kitchen

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