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OZCANKIRI KUTU is one of the first companies operating in Turkey, producing food boxes for 44 years. It offers solutions to companies operating in the food industry.
Our company exports to many countries around the world, especially to European, British, Asian and American countries.
Bakeries, Bakeries, Restaurants, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes (HORECA), Food Businesses, Food Wholesalers, Markets and Supermarkets, Box and Packaging Wholesalers and Retailers produce boxes in desired sizes and colors for companies in their dream model and demand.

Our company, whose primary aim is customer satisfaction, continues its activities in a closed area of 3000 m2 and a total area of ​​4500 m2. By following the changing and developing technology, it carries both its product range and quality to the highest level.

OZCANKIRI Kutu has a monthly cardboard processing capacity of 200 tons. We do it entirely in-house with a maximum 78×112 size 4 color offset printing and cellophane, lacquer, mother-of-pearl, metallized coating, cutting and perforation systems.

Graphic design, film, assembly and mold processes are carried out in a fast and high quality manner under the supervision of experts. At the same time, our company produces 3 color flexo printing packaging paper and one of the firsts in Turkey, O.P.P coated laminated paper for delicatessens and butchers, which is more sanitary and suitable for clean food. Also to Fast Foods; The production of cardboard plates, table papers, tray papers, pizza boxes, cardboard baklava trays is among the firsts in Turkey. We continue to produce these products in accordance with sanitary and hygienic conditions, with the permission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and with the certificate of suitable for food. With its understanding of quality products and quality service, it continues to grow with regular and sure steps by improving our domestic and international activities.

Main products:

Hamburger Boxes Chicken Boxes Child Menu Boxes Menu Boxes Doner Boxes Baklava Boxes Dry Cake Boxes Boutique Cake Boxes Cake Boxes Cake and Cupcake Coasters Waffle Boxes Chocolate Boxes Turkish Delight Boxes Pita Boxes Lahmacun Boxes Pizza Boxes Fish Boxes Kumpir Boxes Bite Boxes Packaging, Box and Packaging Products Food Boxes Custom Size Other Cardboard Box Products

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