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Iottech was founded in 2016 with the experience of the affiliate company which is an expert on SAP consulting. The first motive was to create Non-SAP Business Applications or Products for the general needs of SAP customers. Still, with the larger team, we started work on various areas: Web, Mobile Software Application Development, Mobile Game Development, Vr Game Development, VR HealthCare Apps in psychiatry/psychology and physiotherapy areas, and Blockchain technologies. We have so many web-mobile apps used by Turkish Companies or Organizations and games in the VR market and app stores. We are establishing a new branch in The Netherlands and aiming to reach all the Europe markets with our strong team and experience.

In VoctoR, with Assistant Professor Önder Albayram from Harvard Medical School as our Chief Medical Officer and 2 Medical doctors we are creating new technological solutions that can solve the problem of reaching Medical Experts anywhere you need, and with our gamified therapy tools on VR and Mobile, you can make self-therapies anytime and anywhere. The VoctoR team has Medical doctors and expert developers. We are working on new healthcare products and aiming to Make VoctoR a Virtual Reality hospital serving over 10 more medical areas.

Main products:

Tailored software solutions for any sector in Web, Mobile, VR and Blockchain VoctoR VR HealthCare Apps in psychiatry/psychology and physiotherapy areas.

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