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Levent Kimya A.S (LK) was founded in 1989 at the beautiful Mediterranean city of Antalya, Turkey. LK started its journey with one single product: Rust and Limescale Remover, which in time became synonyme in Turkey with its primary brand PORÇÖZ. The fact that LK has a market share of 70 % in this product is the best proof of this. LK factory was established in an area of 40.000 sqm in the main Industrial Zone of Antalya. What began as a single-product-journey developed into the production of  full segment of household cleaning items. PORÇÖZ branded cleaning products can be found at every corner of the country. Besides Rust and Limescale Remover, LK is very well known with its several other items such as Toilet Cleaner, Kitchen / Bathroom Spray, Grease Remover, Drain Opener, Stain Remover, Window Cleaner, Various Electrical Home Appliance Cleaners such as Washing Machine Cleaner, Dishwasher Cleaner, Steam Iron Cleaner and Tea&Coffee Machine Cleaner. LK is the leading brand in Turkey in several of these categories, in front of even the most famous international brands. 

PORÇÖZ brand is very well known not only in Turkey but among Turkish community living all around the world. That’s why LK’s main export market is Germany and surrounding countries where the bulk of the Turkish diaspora lives. LK’s other main export markets are the neighbouring regions such as the Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East and Central Asian Republics. PORÇÖZ is the main exported brand to these regions. LK also has a second brand called CLENID, which it created for non-Turkish markets all around the world. Having the same quality and portfolio with PORÇÖZ, LK is working hard to promote CLENID in as a significant player in international markets. 

Main products:

Homecare Cleaning Liquids (Descalers, Degreasers, Drain Openers, Stain Removers, Bathrom and Kitchen Cleaners, Toilet Cleaners, Surface Cleaners, Electrical Appliance Cleaners, Detergents and Rinse Aid)

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