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Reçber Kablo Company made its debut as a
power cable manufacturer in 1984. The Company
began to manufacture coaxial cables in 1999 and
soon ranked among paramount actors of the low
current cable market.
Thanks to the pioneering investment in the Data
& Lan range in 2008, the company began to
manufacture high-frequency LAN cables, and
achieved a top rank among distinguished European
Since 2015, the Company has been operating in a
production plant with an outdoor area of 30,000
m² and an indoor area of 20,300 m² at Çorlu-
Türkgücü Industrial Zone.
The Company offers 40% of its production to the
domestic market and exports the rest 60% to a
total of 25 countries in Europe, Middle East.
The ISO 9001 system certificate as well as the
EAC, TSE, VDE, GHMT, CPR, CAI and ETL product
certificates are the hallmarks of Reçber’s product
Relying upon an experience over thirty-five years,
Reçber never compromises its supreme quality
offered to customers and consistently creates
a distinction and superior prestige in overseas
markets thanks to its pioneering investments.
Company manufactures of Coaxial
cables, Data & LAN cables, Audio
& Video cables, Camera cables,
Communication (Telephone) cables,
Alarm cables, Fire Alarm cables,
Signal & Control cables and special
Our Quality Policy is;
To consider customer satisfaction
in all our activities and to
provide products and services
in accordance with national and
international accepted values and
To increase the knowledge and skills
of all staff to increase their quality
awareness, to adopt the principle
of teamwork and to ensure their
continuous development activities,
Quality, efficiency and timely
delivery conditions at every stage to
reduce costs and avoid customer
To ensure the continuity of our
customers trust in us and our
employees to our company
in accordance with the stated
principles, are the main policies we
follow through for reliable quality.
Reçber Kablo is in compliance
with ISO 9001: 2015 standards of
Management Quality System.

Main products:

coaxial cable data cables(category 5e,category 6,category 6a,category 7) fire cables signal cables control cables solar cables securıty cables (cctv) low current cable manufacturer

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