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Sembol Otomotiv

Sembol Otomotiv was established in 1981 to manufacture sheet metal dies for the automotive sectors. Among the founders, there are people who have worked for many years in the production of sheet metal dies and sheet metal pieces.

                Since 1984, started to manufacture sheet metal parts. Sembol Otomotiv has become strong and ambitious in providing full-function service with an experienced position in the sector, professional staff and continuosly renewed technology.

                Our company adopts timely and quatily production principle which is one of the main principles of the main industry as a basic rule and continues to work in this way with an increasing momentum. It provides service to the automotive and electronics sectors with 2500 square meter indoor area, staff of 40 persons, pressing, sheet metal die desing and production, welding, spot welding, quality control and R & D-project departments.

                In recent years, with the effect  of the breakthroughs that it has made in the machine park and technical staff, with the manufacturing of spare parts for foreing and defense industry, we have started to  announce our name in these fields.

                Our targets are among the topics we attach importance to reducing the waste generated during manufacturing, using the natural resources that are decreasing day by day in our World and making production without harming the environment. Our company keeps working as a serious and pioneer company in all the sectors it serves, on the basic of unconditional customer satisfaction, providing technological developments open, timely and quatily production.

Main products:

Spare Tire Hanger Fuel Tank Cover Heavy Duty Stainless steel Hinges Seismic Hanger Parts Gas Gauge Connection Ring

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