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OrBitat carries out the production and exportation of high quality traditional Turkish food products. Its product groups usually are legumes, dried fruit, fresh fruit, dried nuts, pasta, paste, oil and frozen products.

Our company which mostly exports to Middle Eastern and African countries is one of the leading suppliers of Turkey.

Our company sells its products under the brand names OrBitat and Three Rivers, and also carries out its private label production in accordance with the demands of its customers.

Condition of sales
OrBitat brands and sub-labelled brands are supplied to 74 countries worldwide.Condition of sales on all our brands incorporate a no refund and no returns policy after 2 weeks/14 days from receipt of goods.
Please contact us immediately through our website for any concerns.

Our vision

• Reliable, strong, respected,
• To be a leader company recognized as an expert in its field.

Our Mission

• Providing the highest efficiency by keeping customer satisfaction and loyalty at the highest level,
• With knowledge and experience,
• Sensitive and observant to innovations and developments in the world,
• Informing its customers about the sector accurately,
• Providing consultancy services to its customers on fleet management,
• Creating an environment of self-development for its employees,
• To be an institution that is principled, transparent and likes to share with its participants..

Main products:

Olive Oil Sunflower Oil Olives Pickles (mixed , pepper, cucumber...) Vine Leaves Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ( Apple, grape, pear, onion...) Dried Fruits( apricot, fig , raisins ...) Honey Spices Nuts Pulses Froze Products( Borek, Kunafa , Baklava, Katmer ...)

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