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After 2000, our company switched to computerized benches and It has become a pioneer and followed company by taking the bar of quality and visuality one step further. in the market with the development of technology. Our company, which continues its activities with the excitement of the first day, the power and responsibility of being accepted at all levels of the industry, By increasing its growth trend, it organizes fairs in Gaziantep and surrounding cities with its brands. every year. Our company, which manufactures all kinds of carpets from wall to wall, acrylic, polyester, and chromium exports about one hundred percent of its production. Our company mainly It exports carpets to many parts of the world, especially to Europe, Asia, America, the Far East and the Middle East. Doğu plans to make a name for himself with its brands in the future. Carpets produced with unlimited color and pattern options Take the comfort of your home to the next level with its fade-resistant, easy-to-clean and dust-proof feature. properties. Our carpets are products that can be used for decorative purposes as well as being easy to use. purposes. Our company, which wants to have a say in the country as well as abroad, is preparing to enter this market with its new brands. Kare Carpet, Mis Halı, Sultanlar Carpet brands want to have a say in the country market. our vision Aiming to raise the standards in the Turkish carpet industry since the day it was founded, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and aiming for continuity in quality and R&D, Er Kaplan Carpet, aims to increase and expand brand diversity. Our mission We aim to increase the satisfaction of our customers, suppliers and employees. To contribute to the development of the carpet industry in Turkey and abroad with creative ideas is to continue to be among the leading companies in the sector with its ideas. and innovative services.

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