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Pürmade Aromatik Yağlar A.Ş. is a production & foreign trade company established in Antalya in 2021. It offers high quality 100% pure & natural vegetable oils produced in 1300 m2
closed area essential oil factories with 1200 m2 closed area cold compression to various countries of the world.Our cold squeeze factory has a capacity of 30 tons per month and processes many seeds and seeds that vary according to the order of our customers, especially local products.
In our factory, which operates on essential oils, many essential oils are processed, especially endemic plants such as rose, lavender, thyme, bay leaf, juniper, myrtle leaf, sage, which are
among the important values of our country, and can reach 3 tons of capacity per month.
We are extremely sensitive in the supply of raw materials in order to offer you the best product. We only use local plants, seeds and seeds.We analyze and supply fixed and volatile oils of plants and seeds that do not grow in our country in world-class reputable laboratories.
Adulteration and contamination (pesticide, aflotoxin, mycotoxin and heavy metals) are out of the question in our products. We deliver our products to you with 100% purity. Our products
are absolutely refined and do not undergo thinning.

Main products:

Black Cumin Oil Sesame Oil Lavender Oil Thyme Oil Eucalyptus Oil Lemon Oil Cedarwood Oil Cinnamon Oil Rosemary Oil Laurel Oil Apricot Kernel Oil Roseship Oil Olive Oil

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