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                                                COMPANY PROFILE- SUMMARY



Our company was established in 1970 opearting on food industry; we have forwarded all our experience to our flour mills on 1995 and we have been trend setter of the market in very short time.


            We have switched our way to international markets after we stand on a great share in domestic market. And we are groving very fastly in the international markets.


            We are importing best quality wheats from Russia, Kazakhistan, Canada and Australia beside Cukurova region wheats for best result of merchandising in that period very carefully.


            Our capacity is 250 mt processing of wheat per day in our mills which is using latest technology equipment. Our product quality is been under control regularly by our own labs. Our plants  are on 10.000 m2 area, we have 7.000 m2 indoor area, we have wheat silos in 5.000 mt wheat flour silos (bulk) 400 mt capacities. 3.500 m2 of  indoor area is for manufacturing balance of it is for storage. We use that area for high volume export shipments. Package capacity is 160 mt per day,  we can package from 1 kg up to 50 kg pp and or kraft bags.


            We have great shipment facilities. Railway loading station is 3 km to our factory, for oversea exportations we use  Mersin International Port is 250 km to our factory and we use good road Networks for every shipments.


            Our factory is manufacturing in world standarts and we keep our quality by ISO9000 and ISO22000 certificates. 


            Currently we have reached 13 agencies all around the world our export countries are more than 10 mostly by these agencies.

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