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Arranging air cargo operations to more than 340 destinations, 100 of which are cargo destinations in 132 countries around the world; Turkish Cargo operates with its fleet of 395 aircraft, 21 of which are dedicated freighters, at its strategic hub (SMARTIST) in Istanbul that connects continents. Turkish Cargo, the fastest growing air cargo brand in the world, aims to become one of the top 3 air cargo brands in 2025. 

SMARTIST: The Logistics Hub of the Globe

Having been designed as the largest industrial building under single roof at Istanbul Airport, SMARTIST has a unique geographical location. At the crossroads of continents, the hub is situated at a flight distance of 4 hours to more than 50 countries worldwide. A very wide range of products, from automotive to perishable goods arriving from all corners of the world to the SMARTIST hub, is then distributed worldwide through Turkish Airlines extended network. 

Furthermore, the mega facility also stands out with its logistics, storage and smart system technologies. Coupling the leadership of Turkish Cargo in terms of flight network, infrastructure and unprecedented geographical advantages of Istanbul, SMARTIST has become an indispensable gateway for international trade. 

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